CP 2110 HP High Pressure Line Pump

The CP 2110 HP comes equipped with a large capacity hopper, Ergonic Pump Control System (EPS) and power S-valve. With 139 yd3/hr maximum output, the optional SBU rod/piston conversion system lets you switch from the rod side to the piston side quickly and easily. Capable of pumping pressures up to 3,191 psi on the piston side, it can handle a range of applications including high-rise jobs.



Compact and maneuverable, making it easy to navigate congested job sites and busy streets.

19.4 Cubic Foot Hopper 
The large capacity hopper has a 19.4 cubic feet of capacity with a standard heavy-duty hydraulic remixer/agitator to gulp down the toughest mixes job after job.

Flatpack and FFH 
The full removable modular bolt-on flatpack and hydraulic system combine versatility with servicing convenience. The closed-loop free flow hydraulics reduces pressure peaks and surges so the City Pump runs smoother, faster and more fuel-efficiently than competitive models.

Ideal for high pressure applications, our S-Valve pumps extremely harsh concrete mixes. Its 8-inch to 6-inch gradual reduction provides a smoother concrete flow, while the valve’s thick-walled construction increases its life span and reduces operating costs.

With the deck-mounted side pipe racks and large fold down side panels, the City Pump allows for plenty of space and provides a quick, convenient and clean way to store everything that's required for your operation.

Maximum Output: Rod Side 106 m3/hr (139 yd3/hr)
Maximum Output: Piston Side 69 m3/hr (90 yd3/hr)
Maximum Pump Pressure: Rod Side 150 bar (2,176 psi)
Maximum Pump Pressure: Piston Side 220 bar (3,191 psi)


Technical Information
Material Cylinder Diameter 7.9" (200mm)
Stroke Length 83" (2,100mm))
Maximum Strokes Per Minute - Rod Side 26
Maximum Strokes Per Minute - Piston Side 18
Variable Volume Control 0 to full
Vibrator Standard
Hard Chromed Material Cylinders Standard
Hydraulic System Free Flow
Hydraulic System Pressure 350 bar (5,075 psi)
Differential Cylinder Diameter 6.3" (160mm)
Rod Diameter 3.1" (90mm)
Maximum Size Aggregate 2.5" (63mm)
Water Tank Capacity 880 L (233 gal)


Valve & Hopper
Hopper RS 905HPF
S-Valve - Heavy Duty 1812
Reduction 8" to 6" (200 to 150mm) with 6" (150mm) weld ring
Hopper Capacity 19.4 ft3 (550L)
Hopper Height 4'5" (1.35m)

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