Putzmeister RS 850 Column Placing System

Category: Placing Booms

Separate Placing Booms are ideal for any multiple level concrete construction projects such as: Highrise Buildings, Parkades, Treatment Facilities, etc. Separate placing booms along with stationary concrete pumps have established themselves in highrise construction for many years as the answer dealing with congested sites that have limited limited access, maintaining construction schedules by freeing up valuable crane time on site, and as a safe alternative to placing large volumes of concrete at high production rates.

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Climbing Column 5'0" (1.50m)
Width (Square) 3'3" (1.00m)
Approximate weight w/pipe 2.846 lbs (1.291kg)
Tower 9'10" (3.00m)
Width (Square) 3'3" (1.00m)
Approximate weight w/pipe 3,596 lbs (1.631kg)
Tower 19' 8" (6.00m)
Width (Square) 3'3" (1.00m)
Approximate weight w/pipe 6,142lbs (2,786kg)
Climbing Column 30' 0" (9.00m)
Width (Square) 3'3" (1.00m)
Approximate weight w/pipe 9,900 lbs (4.490kg)
Climbing Column 34' 5" (10.50m)
Width (Square) 3'3" (1.00m)
Approximate weight w/pipe 10,510lbs (4,767kg)


The RS 850 work platform is safe, practical, quick to install and compact for transportation. Three-quarters of the platform and all of the tower sections can be asssembled at ground level while the final section is simply clicked and secured.

AutHydrSelfClimbSys webThe RS 850 Tower Placing System's automatic hydraulic self-climbing system features simple column connections, a rapid disconnection system and a removable work platform. At the start of climbing, the pivoting pawl holds the placing boom at the top while the climbing cyliner retracts again for the next lift.

  1. Climbing rail
  2. Chain Hoist
  3. Upper climbing carriage
  4. Clmbing cylinder
  5. Lower climbing carriage
  6. Catch for lower clmbing carriage
  7. Pivoting pawl
  8. Horizontal support


MaintenanceFreePutzmeister uses only maintenance-free components with high wear resistance to help keep service and maintenance costs as low as possible. To minimize spare parts costs, Putzmeister relies on high-quality, tried-and-tested standard components where possible. Easy accessibility makes service and repair simple, quick, and cost-effective.

  1. Placing boom
  2. Pedestal
  3. Tubular column

SolidBaseThe RS 850 Tubular Column can be set up in several ways depending on the construction site.

  • Ballasted base -  the best option on a spacious site
  • Cruciform base with anchors - can be integrated in a climbing framework or slip-form
  • Compact base with a tie rod basket fixed to base - ideal for a congested job site

If a base plate and floor are already completed, a cruciform base is not needed. Instead, the tubular column is held with four base plates and floor corner brackets in the first ceiling. The brackets are significantly lighter and more compact than other ceiling frames.

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