55 Meter Boom Pump

Category: Pump Trucks

Attaining 180 ft heights, this impressive unit features a 5-section RZ boom configuration made of high quality, fine-grained steel in a box-type design for enhanced stability. Key features include a free flow hydraulic system for smooth controllable pumping as well as hard-chromed concrete cylinders and automatic lubrication of the concrete pistons for long service life. This pump has a fully adjustable volume control which allows very slow pumping while retaining full concrete pressure and boom speed.


Boom Style
Boom Style RZ
Number of sections 5
Height & Reach
Vertical reach 180' (54.86m)
Horizontal reach 167' 4" (51.0m)
Reach from front of truck 158' 9" (48.4m)
Reach depth 135' (41.15m)
Unfolding height 48' (14.63m)
Boom Section Articulation
1st section articulation 180°
2nd section articulation 180°
3rd section articulation 180°
4th section articulation 210°
5th section articulation 270°
Boom Section Length
1st section length 29' 10" (9.10m)
2nd section length 43' 6" (13.25m)
3rd section length 46' 9" (14.25m)
4th section length 46' 11" (14.29m)
5th section length 28' 10" (8.8m)
Outrigger spread: L-R - front swing out & telescope 34' 9" (10.60m)
Outrigger spread: L-R - rear swing out 32' 9" (9.98m)


Based on Model MACK MR688S
Length 49' 3" (15.0m)
Width 8' 2" (2.50m)
Height 12' 11" (3.94m)
Wheelbase 309" (7,849mm)
Front axle weight 53,396 lbs (24,217 kg)
Rear axle weight 51,540 lbs (23,375 kg)
Approx. total weight 104,935 lbs (47,592 kg)



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