36 Meter Z Boom Pump

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The 36 Meter is one of our most popular models. The powerful pumping performance with a small footprint makes it perfect for restrictive job sites. From commercial sites to residential sites, this pump can do it all. Also available in a 75% road ban legal version.  To comply with areas that have a 75% road ban we have a unit that has the same reach but less weight.



Boom Style
Boom Style Z-Fold
Number of sections 4
Height & Reach
Vertical reach 116' 10" (35.60m)
Horizontal reach 103' 0" (31.40m)
Reach from front of truck 94' 10" (28.90m)
Reach depth 78' 5" (23.90m)
Unfolding height 27' 11" (8.50m)
Boom Section Articulation
1st section articulation 104°
2nd section articulation 180°
3rd section articulation 253°
4th section articulation 225°
Boom Section Length
1st section length 27' 11" (8.50m)
2nd section length 27' 11" (8.50m)
3rd section length 24' 11" (7.60m)
4th section length 25' 11" (7.90m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-front pull out & hydraulically extend down 18' 1" (5.50m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-rear hydraulically extend down 22' 8" (6.90m)
Outrigger load: Front 38,218 lbf (170 kN)
Outrigger load: Rear 38,218 lbf (170 kN)
One-Sided Support (OSS) Outriggers
Safe operational zone 120°
Outrigger spread: L-R-front hydraulically extend out down 12' 10" (3.90m)
Outrigger spread: L-R-rear hydraulically swing out & extend down 18' 8" (5.70m)


Based on Model MACK MRU 613 with .16H pump cell 
Length 36' 5" (11.09m)
Width 8' 2" (2.50m)
Height 13' 3" (4.04m)
Wheelbase 215" (5,461mm)
Front axle weight 17,000 lbs (7,711kg)
Rear axle weight 34,500 lbs (15,650kg)
Approx total weight 51,500 lbs (23,360kg)



 Range diagram 36Z BIG



 36Z spec draw large



 outrigger spread 36Z

 36Z OSS lrg

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